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Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

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Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

Писане  Shizuma (ThE big BoSs) on Сря Юни 17 2009, 15:55


Моя резултат:

You possess the supernatural ability to tap into the minds of people and influence their thoughts and judgment. You don't know what people are thinking, but if you concentrate on a person you can alter what they are thinking to your pleasure. You can basically make people do whatever you want. You are in control of people's thoughts. People tend to be attracted to you and notice you when you are in their purview.

Shizuma (ThE big BoSs)

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: Венера.
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Re: Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

Писане  Кин~ on Сря Юни 17 2009, 17:19

You possess the supernatural ability to foretell other people's futures. You are not able to foretell your own future, but you can see the future of other people. Just by looking at a person in the eye, you can see their future. Whether it be good or bad, you see all in everyone. You can also sense when someone is lying to you by the energy they give off. You are sensitive to human energy.

Ш стаам гадателка усещам го :gf67: 😆 :64:

Може би… е истина, че не знаем какво притежаваме
докато не го загубим, но също така е истина,
че не знаем какво ще ни липсва, докато то не си отиде.

Заместник Шефа
Заместник Шефа

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Re: Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

Писане  Meikichi on Пон Юни 22 2009, 16:20

You possess the supernatural ability to dream events before they occur. This ties into psychic, but not quite to the psychic extent. Your subconscious mind is sensitive to the future and when you dream, your mind creates these images. You may often remember every dream you dreamt in a night in immense detail. You are able to recall each sequence of your dreams as if they are actual events that happened to you in reality. When you dream of events to come, you feel a strange sense of deja vu before the events occur.

Това е вярно, неведнъж ми се е случвало.

РПГ модератор
РПГ модератор

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: Konoha

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Re: Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

Писане  anime_girl_15 on Пет Авг 14 2009, 06:43

http://kefche.com/fashion_girl_15/photos/jwm5sff8/ xD You possess the supernatural ability to sense when someone is approaching you and in which direction they are approaching you from. When they are in approach, an image of their face flashes before your eyes, and you feel a breeze coming from the direction they are approaching in. You have the opportunity to dodge people if you do not wish to see them at the moment or prepare for the person's arrival. :daance:

Female Брой мнения : 18
Герой : Amu Chan

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Re: Каква свръхестествена способност владеете?

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