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    What's Your Slow Dance Song?

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    What's Your Slow Dance Song?

    Писане  Shizuma (ThE big BoSs) on Пон Юни 22 2009, 19:43


    Моя резултат:

    Crown of Love - Arcade Fire

    "If you still want me, please forgive me, the crown of love is not upon me..."

    Not every slow dance song is about getting caught up in the perfect romantic moment. This one is more about feeling beaten down by love, but the song itself isn't nearly as broken and hopeless as that sounds. In this song, you might hear echoes of your past mistakes, but if you feel like giving up on love, this song will give you the energy to move on. As you slow dance to it, you'll notice that the beat starts to pick up and get faster. It sneaks up on you, filling the air with excitement and the dance floor with individual dancers. The best thing about a slow song that speeds up? You escape that confusing post-song "Are we about to kiss?" moment. By the end of this song, you'll be rockin' out too hard to care.

    Shizuma (ThE big BoSs)

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    Re: What's Your Slow Dance Song?

    Писане  Meikichi on Съб Юни 27 2009, 21:15

    When you go, would you even turn to say, 'I don't love you like I did yesterday'..."

    Why does love have such a good reputation? As far as you're concerned, there's not much to like about it. We get the feeling your experiences with love have been dark, intense, and emotionally damaging. Love can be torturous and raw -- whether you're the one getting hurt, or the one who unintentionally hurts someone else. Maybe you can't quite shake the feeling that if you open your heart again, you might also be opening a whole new can of pain. You probably want someone with whom you can be completely honest and say anything, but at the same time, there's something tempting about the thought of holding each other close and moving to the music, without any drama... without saying a word.

    РПГ модератор
    РПГ модератор

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