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Душата ви...?

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Душата ви...?

Писане  Shizuma (ThE big BoSs) on Сря Юни 17 2009, 16:02


Моя резултат:

Enshrouded in Mystery
Do you even know the truth behind you secretes?
Your soul is covered in rays of light and yet blackened in a darkness of sweeping shadows. You feel as though it would be impossible to define you, and it quit nearly is! You are a lover and yet you hate. You are pure yet you are mistress. You give everything only to find that you had nothing to begin with. Sweetness of shadows- you taunt anybody who tries to come your way. In a way- these secretes mingled with both truth and lies have become a security for you. You are hidden without any thought that anybody would try to unveil the thickets of thorny truths that you have placed around your heart and soul. Aren't you tired of being so wrapped up in your secrets that you've shut off everybody who was are tried to come in to your life? Aren't you tired of being untouchable? Unknown? and now uncared for? You have a chance to unwind your self from your hurt and past. Take it and run with it. You can keep your mystery if you feel that's important- but stop breaking all of your connections to the world! otherwise all you'll end up with is loneliness and your own secrets.. And who would want to be alone with themselves?

Shizuma (ThE big BoSs)

Female Брой мнения : 472
: Венера.
Герой : Шизу~
Сила : Да банвам потребители. >U

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Re: Душата ви...?

Писане  Кин~ on Сря Юни 17 2009, 17:31

Child Of Darkness
Your soul looks full of scars and pain.
Weather you truly hate and despise everybody is a little hazy. I think you've shut out a lot of people, if not everybody! Cold and hurt- you probably see things as, you turned your back on a world that turned it's back on you! You may have every reason to believe this- But I want you to know that that's not entirely true. No. I won't be the one to wave hope in front of your face without probably cause. There are things in life which are worth living for. That are worth caring about and fighting for. And even though you think your so alone and you don't care what others think about you- you are never going to get rid of that feeling that maybe there is another life than all this hate. There is another road in which you can take where you don't have to be so angry, resentful, and bitter! I wish you luck in finding things and for you to figure things out on your own. Being an individual and being cold and mean are two different things. I respect that you don't care about what others think- but I hope you'd reconsider about what you think how others feel...

Може би… е истина, че не знаем какво притежаваме
докато не го загубим, но също така е истина,
че не знаем какво ще ни липсва, докато то не си отиде.

Заместник Шефа
Заместник Шефа

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: Звука [село]
Сила : Sharingan

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Re: Душата ви...?

Писане  Meikichi on Пон Юни 22 2009, 16:12

Lost in yourself
Your soul looks so lost- Wandering and down to it's last leg.
Weather you feel Hurt, Alone, Depressed, Scared, Angry.. or maybe all of these. You are lost. You've been hurt by somebody close to your heart. Yet you haven't given up. A faint glimmer of a star that shines through your eyes remain and that gleam is not a tear! Although you feel alone- please remember that you are not. Many have walked down the same road- and although it may not be exactly like yours, I hope you take hope in the fact that you are not alone!
I wish you all the fortune in the world and one day hope you see your own beauty that is wiling to shine through you when your ready!


РПГ модератор
РПГ модератор

Female Брой мнения : 164
: Konoha

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Re: Душата ви...?

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