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Кой цвят те описва най-добре?

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Кой цвят те описва най-добре?

Писане  Shizuma (ThE big BoSs) on Сря Юни 17 2009, 16:04


Моя резултат:

A wicked black

The color that describes your personality is a fierce black. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't always such a dismal color! You're probably the nicest of people in your group of friends, and you're easy to trust when it comes to telling secrets and almost never spill. Friends and family mean the most to you, and with your kindness nothing can tear you apart from them!

Shizuma (ThE big BoSs)

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Re: Кой цвят те описва най-добре?

Писане  Meikichi on Пон Юни 22 2009, 15:14

A swarthy purple

The color that describes your personality is a mysterious shade of purple. Usually, you tend to keep to yourself, which only makes people want to know more about you. Your mystique is what attracts the attention of others, and you like it that way!

РПГ модератор
РПГ модератор

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